Whitney Houston - Heartbreak Hotel - Single Cover

“Heartbreak Hotel” is a powerful R&B and soul ballad that was included on Whitney Houston’s 1998 album “My Love Is Your Love.” The song was written by Carsten Schack, Kenneth Karlin and Tamara Savage, originally for TLC’s third studio album “FanMail” After TLC rejected the song, Whitney Houston recorded “Heartbreak hotel” and released it on December 15, 1988 with “It’s Not Right but It’s Okay” on the B-side as the second single from her fourth studio album. “My Love Is Your Love.” The song prominently features R&B singers Faith Evans and Kelly Price during the choruses and bridge.

Upon its release, “Heartbreak Hotel” received positive reviews and achieved moderate chart success, reaching #2 on Billboard Hot 100, and topping the Billboard’s Dance Club Songs and Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs charts in the United States.

The collaboration between Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, and Kelly Price garnered praise for their vocal chemistry and the emotional impact of their performances. Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, and Kelly Price deliver passionate and emotive performances in “Heartbreak Hotel,” blending their voices seamlessly to create a captivating vocal harmony. Each singer brings their unique style and vocal range to the song, adding depth and emotion to the lyrics. The song features heartfelt lyrics that express the pain of a broken heart and the longing for love and companionship. Lines such as “This is the heartbreak hotel” and “Though I try to resist being last on your list, but no other man’s gonna do” illustrate the emotional turmoil and vulnerability portrayed in the song. While “Heartbreak Hotel” may not be as well-known as some of Whitney Houston’s other hits, it remains a notable collaboration showcasing the vocal prowess and emotional depth of all three talented artists involved.

Whitney Houston – Heartbreak Hotel – Lyrics