Doop - Doop - Single Cover

“Doop” is a song by the Dutch Eurodance group Doop, released on 28 February 1994 as the first single from their debut album, Circus Doop (1994). The group was formed by Dutch producers Ferry Ridderhof and Peter Garnefski. “Doop” became their biggest hit and is considered a classic of the Eurodance genre. Upon its release, “Doop” achieved significant commercial success, reaching the top ten in the charts in several countries, including #1 the United Kingdom. It became a dancefloor anthem and gained popularity for its unique blend of vintage and modern sounds.

“Doop” is known for its catchy and infectious sound, combining elements of swing music from the 1920s with a contemporary dance beat. The song prominently features a sample from the 1920s recording “Yah-Ta-Ta, Yah-Ta-Ta (Talk, Talk, Talk)” by the Dutch band De Sympathieke Snaar. The lyrics of “Doop” consist of nonsensical scat singing and gibberish phrases, creating a playful and whimsical atmosphere. The memorable chorus consists of the repeated phrase “Doop doop, doop doop, doop doop, doop doop, doop doop da-da-dee-da.”

The music video for “Doop” featured a distinct visual style, with the group members dressed in 1920s-inspired attire, accompanied by dancers performing the Charleston dance. The video’s retro aesthetic added to the song’s charm and appeal.

“Doop” brought the swing revival genre into the mainstream and influenced other artists in the dance music scene. The song’s success paved the way for Doop to release subsequent singles, but none achieved the same level of commercial impact as their debut hit.

Despite being their only major hit, “Doop” remains an iconic song and is often remembered as a nostalgic dance classic. Its unique blend of vintage swing and modern dance elements continues to make it a favorite choice for parties, retro-themed events, and ’90s music compilations.