U2 - Mysterious Ways - Single Cover

“Mysterious Ways” is a song by the Irish rock band U2. It was released in December 1991 as the second single from their seventh studio album “Achtung Baby.” U2 is one of the most iconic and influential rock bands in the world, known for their powerful and politically charged music. Upon its release, “Mysterious Ways” received critical acclaim and commercial success. It reached the top ten on the charts in various countries, including #1 in Canada, Ireland, Italy and on Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart.. The song’s innovative sound and captivating music video contributed to its popularity.

The music video for “Mysterious Ways” was directed by Stephane Sednaoui. It was filmed in Fez, Morocco. It features distorted shots of dancing Bono, the band performing the song in a desert landscape, interspersed with scenes of a belly dancer (portrayed by Morleigh Steinberg) performing sensuous movements. The video’s visually striking and symbolic imagery complemented the song’s enigmatic theme.

“Achtung Baby,” the album that “Mysterious Ways” is from, is considered a landmark release for U2. The album showcased a significant departure from their previous sound, embracing a more experimental and electronic direction. It was critically acclaimed and commercially successful, solidifying U2’s status as one of the most innovative bands of their time. U2’s career continued to thrive in the following decades, with numerous successful albums and world tours. They are known for their socially conscious lyrics, anthemic rock sound, and dynamic live performances.b”Mysterious Ways” remains a beloved and enduring song in U2’s discography. Its infectious groove, memorable guitar riff, and captivating lyrics have made it a staple in the band’s live shows and a fan favorite for over three decades.

U2 – Mysterious Ways – Lyrics