Cappella - Move On Baby - Single Cover

“Move On Baby” is a song by the Italian Eurodance group Cappella. It was released on 10 February 1994 as the fifth single from their second studio album, U Got 2 Know (1994). Cappella was a prominent Eurodance act in the early 1990s, known for their infectious dance tracks and energetic performances. Upon its release, “Move On Baby” achieved commercial success, particularly in Europe. The song became a hit in the dance and Eurodance music scene and received significant airplay in clubs and on radio stations. The single reached the top of the Eurochart Hot 100, and European Dance Radio chart.

“Move On Baby” is an uptempo and catchy Eurodance song, characterized by its pulsating beats, vibrant synths, and catchy vocal hooks. The song’s lyrics convey a message of moving forward and letting go of the past, encouraging listeners to embrace change and keep moving on. Cappella was known for their other successful Eurodance tracks, including “U Got 2 Let the Music,” “U & Me,” and “Take Me Away.” Their energetic and catchy dance style made them popular in the dance music scene of the early 1990s.

While Cappella experienced changes in their lineup and musical direction over the years, their contribution to the Eurodance movement has left a lasting impact on the genre and dance music as a whole. “Move On Baby” remains a nostalgic and beloved track from Cappella’s discography, exemplifying the vibrant and high-energy sound that defined the Eurodance era of the 1990s. Its infectious beats and positive message continue to resonate with fans of dance and electronic music.

Cappella – Move On Baby – Lyrics