Coolio - C U When U Get There - Single Cover

“C U When U Get There” is a song by American rapper Coolio, featuring 40 Thevz. It was released in June 1997 as the lead single from Coolio’s third studio album, “My Soul.” The track was also featured on the soundtrack to the 1997 comedy film Nothing to Lose (starring Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence). Coolio, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr., gained fame in the 1990s for his distinctive style and hit songs that blended hip-hop and funk elements. Upon its release, “C U When U Get There” received positive reviews and achieved commercial success. The song reached the top ten on various music charts, including #3 in the UK and Germany. In the United States, it peaked at #12 at the Billboard Hot 100

“C U When U Get There” is a laid-back and reflective hip-hop track with a positive and motivational message. The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to persevere through life’s challenges and keep pushing forward with the assurance that success and better days are ahead. It features a sample from Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon in D,” adding a classical touch to the song’s overall sound. The music video for “C U When U Get There” features Coolio and 40 Thevz in various locations, including a serene beach setting. The video’s visuals complement the song’s message of hope and determination.

“C U When U Get There” became one of Coolio’s signature songs, further solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the hip-hop community of the 1990s. Coolio’s music often conveyed messages of positivity, social consciousness, and self-improvement. He gained worldwide recognition for his hit singles like “Gangsta’s Paradise,” which was featured in the film “Dangerous Minds” and became one of his biggest commercial successes. While Coolio’s popularity waned in the following years, he continued to release music and remained active in the entertainment industry. “C U When U Get There” remains a beloved and nostalgic track from the late ’90s, known for its positive and uplifting message. Its fusion of hip-hop and classical music elements has made it a memorable and enduring song in Coolio’s discography.

Coolio – C U When U Get There – Lyrics