Sting - All This Time - Single Cover

“All This Time” is a song by English musician Sting. It was released in December 1990 as a lead single from his third solo studio album, “The Soul Cages.” Sting is a renowned singer-songwriter and former frontman of the rock band The Police. Upon its release, “All This Time” received critical acclaim and resonated with audiences, becoming a significant hit for Sting. While the song didn’t achieve the commercial success of some of his earlier solo hits, it remains a powerful and memorable piece in his discography.

“All This Time” is a poignant and introspective song, with reflective lyrics that explore themes of loss, grief, and the passage of time. The song was inspired by the death of Sting’s father, who passed away shortly before the release of the album. As a result, “The Soul Cages” is a deeply personal and emotionally charged record, delving into themes of family, mortality, and self-discovery. Musically, “All This Time” features a haunting melody, accompanied by Sting’s distinctive and soulful vocals. The song incorporates a blend of rock, pop, and folk elements, showcasing Sting’s diverse musical influences and songwriting abilities.

Sting’s solo career has been marked by his exploration of various musical genres and his poetic and thought-provoking songwriting. He is known for his distinctive voice, socially conscious lyrics, and ability to craft songs that resonate with listeners on a deeper emotional level. “All This Time” stands as a touching and introspective work from Sting’s repertoire, exemplifying his artistry and his willingness to share personal experiences through his music. The song’s emotional resonance and powerful storytelling continue to make it a significant and memorable part of his body of work.

Sting – All This Time – Lyrics