Boyz II Men - Motownphilly - Single Cover

“Motownphilly” is a popular R&B/hip-hop song by the American group Boyz II Men. It was released on April 30, 1991 as the lead single from their debut album, “Cooleyhighharmony,” in 1991. Boyz II Men, composed of Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, Shawn Stockman, and Michael McCary, gained fame for their smooth harmonies and emotional ballads. “Motownphilly” became a breakthrough hit for Boyz II Men, reaching number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and achieving international success. The song’s popularity helped propel the success of their debut album, which went on to become a multi-platinum seller.

“Motownphilly” is an upbeat and catchy track that pays homage to the musical influences of Motown and Philadelphia, the hometown of the group. The song combines elements of R&B, new jack swing, and hip-hop, creating a unique sound that appealed to a wide audience. It features energetic vocal performances, intricate harmonies, and a catchy chorus. The lyrics of “Motownphilly” celebrate the group’s roots and their journey towards success. They express their love for the music that inspired them, referencing iconic artists like Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, and Boyz II Men’s Philadelphia contemporaries, such as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. The song exudes a sense of pride, confidence, and determination.

Boyz II Men continued to dominate the R&B charts and achieved tremendous success throughout the 1990s with their soulful ballads and harmonious vocals. They became one of the best-selling R&B groups of all time. Despite evolving their musical style over the years, “Motownphilly” remains one of their most recognizable and iconic songs, often performed in their live shows and cherished by fans.

Boyz II Men – Motownphilly – Lyrics