Sin with Sebastian - Shut up (and Sleep with Me) - Single Cover

“Shut Up (and Sleep with Me)” is a dance-pop song written and performed by the German artist Sin With Sebastian, also known as Sebastian Roth. The track was released as a single in 1995 and became a notable hit in Europe, reaching #1 in Spain, Austria, Finland… and Mexico.

The song features a distinctive blend of catchy pop hooks and electronic dance elements. Lyrically, “Shut Up (and Sleep with Me)” revolves around a humorous and somewhat provocative theme. The singer addresses someone who is talking too much and suggests that they should stop talking and engage in a physical relationship instead, emphasizing the desire for a more intimate connection. The music video for “Shut Up (and Sleep with Me)” showcases Sebastian Roth in various settings, including a desert, a jungle, and a cityscape, with colorful and visually striking imagery. The video’s eccentric and playful nature complements the song’s energetic and tongue-in-cheek style.

While “Shut Up (and Sleep with Me)” remains Sin With Sebastian’s most well-known song, he released several other singles and albums throughout his career, exploring different musical styles and genres. However, he did not achieve the same level of mainstream success with subsequent releases. Despite its provocative title and theme, “Shut Up (and Sleep with Me)” has become a nostalgic anthem for fans of ’90s Eurodance music. Its infectious energy, catchy hooks, and memorable chorus have contributed to its enduring popularity as a dancefloor favorite and a representation of the vibrant Eurodance scene of the era.

Sin with Sebastian – Shut up (and Sleep with Me)