Robert Miles - One & One - Single Cover

One & One was written by Billy Steinberg, Rick Nowels and Marie-Claire D’Ubaldo. First it was performed by Polish singer Edyta Górniak but her version of the song was not released until 1997 (scroll down for video). “One and One” was covered by Italian electronic dance musician Robert Miles featuring English singer Maria Nayler and released on 4 November 1996 as a third single from his debut album, Dreamland (1996). Upon its release, “One & One” achieved commercial success, particularly in European countries, topping European Hot 100 chart. The song charted well in the United Kingdom, where it reached the top five on the UK Singles Chart. In the United States, it reached the top of Dance Club Songs chart.

Robert Miles’ debut album, “Dreamland,” was a critical and commercial success, making him a prominent figure in the electronic music scene of the 1990s. The album also included his breakthrough hit, “Children,” which further solidified his status as a leading trance music producer.

“One & One” remains a cherished track in Robert Miles’ discography, representing his ability to create emotional and uplifting electronic music that resonated with a wide audience. The song’s combination of trance elements and evocative vocals has continued to make it a favorite among fans of electronic and ambient music.

Robert Miles – One & One – Lyrics