Brandy - Have You Ever - Single Cover

“Have You Ever?” is a soulful ballad by American singer Brandy. It was released as a single on June 9, 1998 and is featured on her second studio album, “Never Say Never.” The song was written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster. Upon its release, “Have You Ever?” achieved significant commercial success. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the singles chart in New Zealand. The single’s success further solidified Brandy’s position as a prominent R&B artist of the late 1990s.

“Have You Ever?” showcases Brandy’s powerful and emotive vocals, accompanied by a heartfelt and introspective melody. The lyrics explore the theme of love and vulnerability, expressing deep emotions and the longing for a meaningful connection. The song reflects on the complexities of relationships and the yearning for unconditional love and understanding.Brandy’s soul-stirring delivery, combined with the song’s heartfelt lyrics and melodic arrangement, struck a chord with audiences. “Have You Ever?” resonated with listeners who could relate to the emotional journey portrayed in the song, making it one of Brandy’s signature ballads.

The music video for “Have You Ever?” features Brandy in various emotional and introspective scenes, complementing the song’s reflective nature. It was filmed by by director Kevin Bray. The video’s atmospheric visuals enhance the song’s emotional impact and showcase Brandy’s artistry as both a singer and actress. “Have You Ever?” received critical acclaim for its vocal performance, lyrical depth, and heartfelt delivery. It remains one of Brandy’s most beloved and memorable songs, often cited as a standout ballad in her discography. The song’s enduring popularity and timeless appeal continue to captivate audiences, making it a cherished addition to the landscape of soulful R&B music.

Brandy – Have You Ever – Lyrics