The Prodigy - Breathe - single cover

“Breathe” is a song by the British electronic music group The Prodigy, released in November 1996. Later, it was included on their third studio album, “The Fat of the Land.” The Prodigy, known for their pioneering contributions to the electronic dance music genre, became one of the most influential and successful electronic acts of the 1990s. Upon its release, “Breathe” achieved widespread acclaim and commercial success. The song reached the top of the charts in several countries, including the United Kingdom, and helped propel “The Fat of the Land” to become a massive success.

“Breathe” is a high-energy and intense track that combines elements of techno, breakbeat, and big beat. The song features aggressive and distorted synthesizers, heavy drum beats, and the distinctive vocal performance of the group’s frontman, Keith Flint. The lyrics of “Breathe” convey a rebellious and confrontational attitude, reflecting The Prodigy’s signature style and their rejection of conformity. The song’s chorus, with the repeated line “Breathe with me,” adds to its powerful and immersive effect.

“The Fat of the Land” became one of the best-selling electronic dance music albums of all time, solidifying The Prodigy’s status as pioneers of the big beat genre. The group’s fusion of electronic elements with punk and rock influences appealed to a wide audience, breaking down barriers between electronic and alternative music. The Prodigy’s influence on the electronic dance music scene continues to be felt, and their energetic live performances made them a sought-after act for festivals and concerts. Tragically, Keith Flint, the frontman of the group, passed away in 2019, leaving a void in the music industry and among fans worldwide.

“Breathe” remains a classic and iconic track in The Prodigy’s discography, exemplifying their powerful sound and innovative approach to electronic music. It continues to be celebrated by fans of electronic and alternative music and stands as a testament to The Prodigy’s lasting impact on the music world.

The Prodigy – Breathe – Lyrics