Bellini - Samba De Janeiro - Single Cover

“Samba De Janeiro” is a dance track by German pop group Bellini. The song was released on 5 May 1997 in Germany and on 15 September in the United Kingdom as the lead single from their debut album of the same name (1997). “Samba De Janeiro” is a lively and infectious dance anthem that fuses traditional Brazilian samba rhythms with electronic dance elements. The track features energetic percussion, catchy trumpet melodies, and a fast-paced tempo that captures the celebratory spirit of Brazilian carnival. It interpolates the chorus of Airto Moreira’s 1972 song “Tombo In 7/4”, as well as samples the drum rhythm from Moreira’s “Celebration Suite”. “Samba de Janeiro” won the award for best dance single at the 7th Annual Echo Awards.

Upon its release, “Samba De Janeiro” became an international hit and achieved widespread success in Europe and Latin America. The song’s catchy and exuberant sound resonated with audiences and made it a favorite in clubs and dancefloors. One of the notable features of “Samba De Janeiro” is its iconic trumpet riff, which became instantly recognizable and synonymous with the song. The trumpet melody adds a distinctive and vibrant touch to the track, contributing to its appeal.

Due to its infectious rhythm and danceable beats, “Samba De Janeiro” has been remixed and covered by various artists and used in numerous commercials, movies, and TV shows over the years. It has become a timeless dance classic, often associated with summer parties and festive celebrations. Bellini, the group behind “Samba De Janeiro,” continued to release music but did not replicate the same level of commercial success as their debut hit. Nevertheless, the song remains their most well-known and enduring track, representing a joyful and energetic tribute to Brazilian samba music in the world of electronic dance music.

Bellini – Samba De Janeiro – Lyrics