Céline Dion - That's The Way It Is

“That’s the Way It Is” was released as the lead single from Dion’s 1999 greatest hits album, All the Way… A Decade of Song. The track, which represents a shift back to a more pop-oriented sound for Dion, was crafted by renowned Swedish songwriters Andreas Carlsson, Max Martin, and Kristian Lundin. Max Martin and Kristian Lundin also handled the production, giving the song a polished and radio-friendly quality.

The song features a blend of acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, and a steady drum beat, creating an upbeat and positive atmosphere. Its production reflects the signature style of Max Martin, known for crafting catchy, radio-friendly pop tunes. The song stands out for its energetic vibe and motivational tone. “That’s the Way It Is” carries an uplifting message of hope and perseverance, encouraging listeners to remain optimistic in the face of challenges. This positive and reassuring theme resonated with a wide audience, contributing to the song’s commercial success.

The single was a commercial hit worldwide. In the United States, it peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming one of Dion’s major hits. It also achieved high chart positions in several other countries, including Canada, where it reached number 12, and in various European nations.

The accompanying music video for “That’s the Way It Is” was directed by Liz Friedlander. It was nominated for a MuchMusic Video Award.

“That’s the Way It Is” remains one of Céline Dion’s most popular songs and is frequently included in her live performances and greatest hits compilations. Its catchy melody, upbeat production, and inspirational message have ensured its lasting appeal among fans and within popular culture. The song is a testament to Dion’s versatility as an artist, showcasing her ability to successfully transition between different musical styles while maintaining her distinctive vocal prowess.

Céline Dion – That’s The Way It Is – Lyrics