Adina Howard - Freak Like Me - Single Cover

“Freak Like Me” is a song by American singer Adina Howard, released in January 1995 as the lead single from her debut album, “Do You Wanna Ride?” Upon its release, “Freak Like Me” became a major hit and propelled Adina Howard to stardom. The song achieved commercial success, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States, as well as number two on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart for four weeks, and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales of one million copies. The song has been covered by several artists, including Sugababes, who reached number one on the UK Singles Chart with their version in 2002.

“Freak Like Me” is a provocative and explicit R&B and hip-hop track that embraces themes of sexuality and female empowerment. The song’s lyrics celebrate sexual liberation and assertiveness, with Adina Howard expressing her desire for a partner who shares her adventurous and open-minded approach to intimacy. The song’s drum beat is sampled from Sly & the Family Stone’s “Sing a Simple Song”. The song also interpolates “I’d Rather Be with You” by Bootsy’s Rubber Band. Hence, Eugene Hanes, Marc Valentine, Loren Hill, William “Bootsy” Collins, and George Clinton jr. The song’s success was fueled by its catchy and seductive chorus, combined with Adina Howard’s sultry and confident vocal performance. “Freak Like Me” resonated with audiences, particularly those who appreciated its unabashed celebration of female sexuality. The song’s provocative content sparked controversy and led to discussions about sexuality and censorship in music. However, “Freak Like Me” also garnered praise for its empowering message and representation of a woman confidently embracing her desires.

Adina Howard’s debut album, “Do You Wanna Ride?,” featured other hit singles, including “My Up and Down” and “It’s All About You.” However, “Freak Like Me” remains her most well-known and successful song, solidifying her place as an influential figure in ’90s R&B and hip-hop. Over the years, “Freak Like Me” has continued to be celebrated as a classic in the realm of ’90s R&B and as an anthem of sexual empowerment. The song’s lasting impact on popular culture and its candid portrayal of female sexuality have contributed to its enduring popularity among fans of the genre.

Adina Howard – Freak Like Me – Lyrics